Over 2,500 of you answered our call and came out to volunteer & support Toronto Miracle on December 5th.

Thank you for your support

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Thank you to everyone who heard the call and volunteered to help us on Saturday Dec 5th. You united to help those in need and make a miracle happen in our city.

Neighbourhood Volunteer Positions

Community Captain (now until December 5)

You will be the main contact for your neighbourhood and lead a team of volunteers. You will identify and arrange local drop off locations, organize pick up routes, support the health & safety plan and collaborate with local food organizations. Toronto Miracle is partnering with Daily Bread Food Bank, Second Harvest and North York Harvest Food Bank, but you may also wish to partner with other local food organizations. You will be supported by the Toronto Miracle core team.

Marketing (now until December 5)

Let's get the word out! We need your help to promote the event through traditional and digital marketing.

Food Pick Up (along an assigned route on December 5)

You will use whatever means of transportation you wish (i.e. - vehicle, bike, wagon, etc.) to pick up non-perishable food items along a pre-assigned route and bring them to a local drop off location.

Receiving Food at a Drop Off Location (on December 5)

You will be outdoors at a local neighbourhood drop off location on December 5th where you will receive the non-perishable food items that have arrived.

Delivery Drivers (on December 5)

You have a vehicle to help transport the non-perishable food items to food organization hubs.

Sign Making (various dates)

Get creative while physically distancing! You will organize either outdoor sign making or virtual gatherings to promote Toronto Miracle. These signs will be for people to display as they wish around all areas of the city.