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Thank you to everyone who heard the call and volunteered to help us make Toronto Miracle happen in the last two years.

Without our amazing volunteer Toronto Miracle would not be possible.


We hope you'll consider joining us in 2023. Below are some of the ways you can volunteer.

Neighbourhood Volunteer Positions

There are 140 neighbourhoods in Toronto. We are looking for Community Captains and multiple Volunteers for each one of them.

Community Captain or Co-Captains (now until event day)

You will be the main point of contact for your neighbourhood and lead a team of volunteers to pick-up all registered food donations within your neighbourhood boundaries on event day.

No need to go at this alone! Feel free to recruit a Co-Captain to help you organize. Maybe a neighbour, friend or family member?

The Toronto Miracle team will:

  • Support you in your volunteer recruitment
  • Drive food donor registrations and provide you with a full list of the food donors in your neighbourhood
  • Provide you with training opportunities in advance of event day
  • Provide you with resources to help generate awareness in your neighbourhood
  • In partnership with our main food distribution partners, we’ll create food drop-off locations throughout the GTA 

Pre-event day duties include:

  • Identifying and arranging a neighbourhood hub spot
  • Organizing neighbourhood pick up routes for volunteers to collect the food (you will be provided with exact donor addresses)
  • Collaborate with local food organizations for food distribution at specified drop off locations:

          Option 1: Join Toronto Miracle’s existing partners (Daily Bread Food Bank, Second           Harvest, North York Harvest Food Bank). If you decide to go with this option, you do not           need to organize anything – the Toronto Miracle team will share the closest drop off           location details with you.

         Option 2: Partner with a local food organization(s) of your choice. For this option, you will          need to connect with and arrange drop off of the food picked up from your neighbourhood          and you will need to count the number of pieces of food you collect.

         Option 3: Partner with both!

  • Help spread the word in your neighbourhood to help drive food donor and volunteer registrations through social media, partnering with local organizations and/or businesses and local signage posting in your neighbourhood.

Event day duties include:

  • Being the main point of contact for your team on event day
  • Managing your neighbourhood hub spot and ensuring all registered donations are picked-up and delivered to their desired location
  • Giving yourself a high five for helping to collect over 250,000 lb. of food for your neighbours in need

Volunteers (event day)

You will be part of the action on event day! Food pick up will begin at 10:00am and depending on your role, the day will run until all food is collected and brought to drop off locations to be distributed. You may work out specific timing (based on availability and need) with your Community Captain.

Exact volunteer roles will be determined between you and your Community Captain, as needs vary by available roles and neighbourhood. Roles could include:

Food Pick Up Volunteer

You will use whatever means of transportation you wish (i.e. - vehicle, bike, wagon, etc.) to pick up non-perishable food items along a pre-assigned route and bring them to your neighbourhood hub spot.

Hub Spot Volunteer (if applicable for your neighbourhood)

You will be outdoors at your neighbourhood hub spot where you will receive the non-perishable food items that have arrived from the Food Pick Up Volunteers and send the food off with the Delivery Driver Volunteers to the drop off location.

Delivery Driver Volunteer

You have a vehicle to help transport the non-perishable food items from your neighbourhood hub spot to the drop off location.


Our top priority is the health and safety of all participants of the Toronto Miracle. We are following Toronto Public Health recommendations to ensure a safe and contact-free process that maintains physical distancing and healthy hygiene every step of the way.  

  • When collecting in front of home, maintain a distance of 2m from residents at all times;
  • Donations are not to be handed out person-to-person. Donations must be placed on a surface for pick-up within the 2m distance;
  • Donation pick-up volunteers are instructed to remain outside (do not enter domiciles) at all times
  • Practice safe hand hygiene practices while collecting donations
  • Any passengers and drivers in donation pickup vehicles should wear masks at all times unless they are from the same household