Frequently Asked Questions


What is Toronto Miracle?

Toronto Miracle is a grassroots food drive initiative, run completely on volunteer power. On December 5th, 2020 at 10am, residents of Toronto were invited to leave a non-perishable food item on their doorstep (clearly marked for Toronto Miracle). Volunteers collected these donations and redistribute to those in need in the community.

When did Toronto Miracle take place? 

Toronto Miracle took place on December 5, 2020. Between 10:00am and 4:00pm, volunteers collected non-perishable food items left on doorsteps to be re-distributed to those in need in our community.

How much food did you collect? 

Toronto Miracle collected over 140,000 non-perishable items in a single day.

Where does the food go? 

Donations collected went directly to local neighbourhood organizations as well as to our partner organizations (Daily Bread Food Bank, Second Harvest & North York Harvest Food Bank) which combined, provide food to over 350 community agencies across the GTA.

Can I make a financial donation? 

As a grassroots initiative Toronto Miracle is unable to directly accept financial donations, but we encourage you to donate to one of our partner organizations who work to address food insecurity in our city. They will be tracking the amount of donations made to the Toronto Miracle so that we are aware of the impact we all have made in our community.

Second Harvest

Daily Bread Food Bank

North York Harvest

Who started Toronto Miracle? 

Toronto Miracle is a grassroots initiative started by a small group of community members who are concerned about the impact COVID-19 is having on the community. Taking learnings from similar successful events held in Chatham-Kent, Windsor-Essex, Northwest Territories and Montreal, we have launched the Toronto Miracle in an effort to bring together the community to fight food insecurity. This a community led project run completely on volunteer power.


My food wasn’t picked up

IF YOUR DONATION HAS BEEN MISSED, we apologize and hope you will consider dropping your donation off at your local fire station or participating grocery store near you.

Click here for a map of fire station locations across the city

Click here to view a map of participating grocery store locations

Can I put out more than one item?

You can ABSOLUTELY donate as many items as you wish. We want to make sure that every can participate regardless of circumstance whether that be one item or an entire box. We are happy to take any amount of food you are comfortable donating.

When do I put my non-perishable item out? 

Please put your item on your doorstep by 10:00am on December 5. Don’t forget to register to let us know you’re going to participate.

How many items should I donate?

We are asking you to donate one item. Through this initiative, we want to give everyone in Toronto the equal opportunity to feel like they can participate in making a difference in our community. If you are able to donate more items, please know that they will be welcomed.

Do I need to sign up to donate?

It is strongly encouraged to register to donate, but not required. By letting us know you are going to participate in donating, we are better able to plan pickup routes and allocate volunteers accordingly.

How do I donate if I live in a condo or apartment? 

We encourage you to share this initiative with your building's property manager and ask if you can share this opportunity on the community bulletin, have a box placed in the lobby for December 5th, then encourage neighbours to leave their non-perishable food items in the lobby by 10am. Please be sure to register your donation so we are aware of the pickup location. 

What type of non-perishable items should I donate? 

Please click here to see a list of recommended items.

Can I donate pet food?

We recommend that anyone interested in donating pet food should reach out to Fred Victor Bethleham United Shelter (416-644-1734). This is a pet friendly shelter and pet food donations are most welcome.

Do I need to wipe down the items before putting them on the doorstep?

According to Toronto Public Health there is no evidence that COVID-19 is spread by food or food packaging. Wiping down containers or packaging is not necessary.

Do I need to take any precautions for COVID-19 when donating?

We ask that you wash your hands before handling the item for donation and put the item in a visible spot on your doorstep. Please remain inside while volunteers collect the donations; donations should not be passed from person to person. 

What if I’m not home when it’s time to donate?

You don’t need to be home on December 5 to participate. Simply register to participate and leave your clearly marked item for Toronto Miracle on your doorstep in a visible spot prior to 10:00am.  You can leave your item out earlier if that works with your schedule and our volunteers will collect it while you are out. 

How does a school participate? 

Toronto Miracle is a great event for schools to participate in. Put a box in every classroom or challenge the whole school to fill the gym – there are lots of possibilities.

  1. To register your school please send us an email at:  Someone from our school team will be in touch to help with email and poster templates that you can use to get the word out.
  1. Collect donations up to Dec 5.
  1. Please remember to send the total number of pieces items collected to your Toronto Miracle contact so we can include it in our final total.
  1. If the school can be accessed on December 5, we can arrange for volunteers to pick up the donations. Otherwise, all donations can be dropped off at one of our distribution partner locations Monday through Friday. If a school-based volunteer is unable to do this, our Toronto Miracle school team can support the school in making alternative arrangements.
  2. Below are the locations and business hours for each of our partners:

Daily Bread

Address: 191 New Toronto St., Etobicoke

Phone: not needed. Bins outside

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm

Instructions: Donors can drop items off in bins located outside at each entrance for a contactless experience.

Second Harvest

Address: 1450 Lodestar Road, North York

Phone: 416-408-2594

Hours: Monday – Friday between 9am and 3pm

Instructions: Call in advance of drop off. 

North York Harvest 

Address: 116 Industry St., York

Phone: 416-635-7771

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am – 3:30pm

Instructions: Call in advance of drop off.


Can I volunteer if I’m under 18?

Yes, you can. Just make sure that your parent/guardian reviews the waiver on the Volunteer sign up form on the Toronto Miracle website and agrees to the waiver on your behalf. 

Can I bring my kids to volunteer?

This is a great opportunity to do something as a family and involve your kids in the community! We encourage you to be mindful that some of the roles involve walking, being outside and carrying goods, but if your child is able to participate, then we encourage you to include them. 

Do I need a car to volunteer?

We have lots of roles that don’t require the use of a car. Check out the volunteer list here to find the right one for you. 

What are the volunteer roles?

You can find a list of roles here.

Can I volunteer if I live outside of Toronto?

ABSOLUTELY. And thank you for being a caring neighbour. When you sign up, enter your postal code (this will let us know you are outside the GTA) and we’ll find a place for you in a neighbourhood that requires volunteers.

Does this count toward my high school volunteer hours?

Yes. Your Community Captain or our Toronto Miracle Volunteer lead will be able to sign your volunteer form.